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Nitrous is way better than Meth

Josh Mazerolle
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What to Expect..

All the Sketchy Builds and Epic Road trips from your favorite Dynamic duo at Vague Industries. Josh Mazerolle and Fat Erik will have you laughing until you cry.


First Episode

"You got a Deathwish son?!"

We are pumped to be bringing you a brand new series called Deathwish. The new show stars Josh “Cadillac” Mazerolle and Erik “Fat Erik” Stacey from Vague Industries as they travel all over the Country on Epic Road Trips checking out some of the sketchiest builds you have ever seen. For the first episode they found a local guy in New Hampshire who has a Street Bike Powered Lawn Mower. If this thing isn’t a deathwish we don’t know what is! Who in their right mind builds a racing lawn mower like this? This 1000cc lawn mower features a Kawasaki KZ1000 engine. Let us know what you think of this KZ1000 lawn mower and the new show in the comments. Roadkill aint got nothing on these guys!



Mud Buggy Adventure

We took two of the best things and put them together that’s right Off-Road Cars and Deathwish. Introducing the Deathwish Mud Buggy Adventure. It was scheduled for this off-road car driving event to take place in Arizona but after all of the Rona hit we decided to relocate it to the biggest off-road park in the Country. Windrock Park is where this epic off-roading car event went down. It drew off-road cars under 5k from all over the Country. The only rules were that the vehicles had to be converted to 4×4 cars. They could not have been offered from the factory with 4 wheel drive. Check out all of the wild off-road cars that made the trip and get ready to see them hit the trails in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. We had everything from a Duramax Van 4×4 to a 4×4 Dodge Charger with an LS swap. Don’t forget the Volvo 4×4 and 12 valve Cummins powered Car. Which one will win it all and which one will show up half-built or not at all.



This time on Deathwish Vague Industries Josh Mazerolle and his gang of would-be mechanics are building Fat Erik his very own Turbo Deathwish Hilux. Now we all know that Erik is a little different so of course, he wanted a different engine in his 1978 Toyota Hilux Build. What better than one of the most iconic diesel engines ever produced. That’s right you guessed it! This Toyota Hilux is getting a 7.3 Powerstroke engine swap. The only problem is that this massive diesel engine will not fit in the stock body so a custom chassis is getting built and then the guys are widening the Hilux Cab 16″ and stretching it 4″. With the help of Rev’s Enterprises and Rattlebox Fab they are attempting to build this one-of-a-kind diesel Hilux in just 30 days. You gotta love that 7.3 Powerstroke Turbo Whistle! Will they get it done in time or will they be a day late like always? Stay tuned for the next episode as these guys road trip the Deathwish Widelux 24 hours straight to Holley Ford Fest in Bowling Green Kentucky. There you’ll catch the 7.3 Powerstroke Rolling Coal, making dyno pulls, and smoking some tires!

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