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Prototyping • Suspension • Chassis • Custom Fabrication

Vague Industries is based in Dublin, NH


Proper fitment is paramount to your safety.


With over 15 years experience in custom fabrication and the custom offroad industry, we use our knowledge to move your project into the future


We design our products using the latest in 3D automotive technology to make your dreams come to life.


 Our motto has always been “quality over quantity” and we will never compromise our craftsmanship for the sake of production volume.

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At Vague Industries, we provide
you the expertise you need to win

Vague Industries offers performance automobile modifications custom tailored to suit your needs. Specializing in chassis and suspension of both on road and off road cars and trucks. This includes, but is not limited to, Custom Chromoly Chassis, Roll Cages, Suspension Systems and RWD Conversions.


With a back ground in high tolerance, efficient manufacturing, Vague Industries has experience in everything from automotive restoration of classic cars to one off, complete high performance race cars. Utilizing custom CNC built aerospace tube chassis and rising rate cantilever suspension. This technology is typically only found in super cars and high end desert race vehicles.

Meet our team

Our team is the best of the best. They each have over ten years of experiences in automotive fabrication.

Erik Stacy

Head Tech


  • Vague does top notch fabrication, always paying attention to every detail in design and execution.

    Mark Shea
  • Awesome fabricator, welder and all around cool dude. Can’t wait to see what else gets built over there!

    Keith Lefebvre